Simplify. Improve. Scale.

Game backend and unified SDK of popular platforms –
in one service! Key tools for integration, monetization,
development of WEB and mobile games,
with the possibility of free use.

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50,000 requests per month for free

50,000 requests per month for free

We can simplify

Features based on game developers experience

Increase engagement metrics with the leaderboards
For all platforms. We will connect all the scripts ourselves
In-game overlay
You don't need to draw anything by yourself
Cloud saves
Built-in saving of the player’s progress on our servers and locally on the device
Through the platform or with our secret code
Social actions
Share, post, invite friends
Connect analytics
Built-in popular analytics systems - Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics
We will define the language ourselves and translate the overlay
Data protection
Protecting player account from theft. Data protection from spoofing. Player can be banned
10 platforms
We are constantly finding and connecting new platforms, the list will be replenished
Assets builder
Generate icons, covers and screenshots for each platform according to requirements
Increase retention with achievements. Unite in groups, set the rarity of achievements


Platform-integrated advertising decisions allow you to get proceeds from your games.
Each platform provides its own ad formats list, but we present them in a common form.


Skippable banner/promotional video optionally shown when loading game.


Skippable banner/promotional video. The run time is determined by you. Some platforms have a display frequency limit, but we took care of everything.

Rewarded Video

Non-skippable promotional video. After video, there will be triggered a reward event.

Sticky Banner

The bottom sticky banner takes up 50-100px of the screen. You can specify the auto-refresh interval. This banner is always visible to player.

AdBlock Detection

Autodetection of the ad blocker presence. You can ask users to turn off the ad block or show something else without ads.

#In-game overlay

We made sure that you put less effort into creating gamess.
The in-game overlay allows the player to:

Work with authorization

Work with savings

Show leaderboards

Share with friends

#Player’s progress

With built-in cloud saves

You need to stop thinking about saves

We store the player’s progress and synchronize it with the local machine and with the server at every turn. You can store all the data in our player model and consider him the source of the truth.

Local Saving
We store player's replica locally
Cloud Saves
All data stores on our servers
Progress Sync
Player can continue playing on any device

You just can say "Sync palyer" and we will done everyting by ourselves. Do things that are more important than saving progress.

Customize player data

You can customize the list of player fields for each of your games. Level and experience in one game and deck and butterflies in another.

We divide data by 3 types:


Other data available for reading are service fields (ID, player status — banned, deleted, test) and a list of player accounts.

Manage players state

You can edit the player data however you like. Organize events and give out rewards. Rescue players if they get stuck or break everything. Punish cheaters.

Work with JSON
You can store json data and edit in panel
Enum fields
Fix the variants of field values as you like
You can translate field names and values

We made sure that working with data was as convenient as possible. Now you can be the "that" (as in MMO games) admin who distributes prizes and helps players out.


You can accumulate any ratings and show them to the player.
Select the list of fields, by which you want to sort and they will be displayed in the same order in the overlay.
You can add more fields to make the rating more interesting.

For example, you can sort the characters by the number of wins, but also display their level and/or the number of defeats.

  1. Built-in overlay with authorization for ratings show, you no longer need to make lists manually (but if it is necessary, you can);
  2. Sorting best/worst;
  3. Sorting by many fields;
  4. If the player does not get shortlisted, then show the player at the beginning of the list/at the end of the list/do not show the player;
  5. Derivation of additional fields to the rating and customizable fields order;
  6. Getting a player’s rating;
  7. Leaders screen and all fields (and even field values) are shown in specified language.


Challenge the player.

Manage achievements

  1. Add achievements to your game
  2. Group achievements by type, for example Collecting, Storyline, Battle
  3. Add rarity to achievement (uncommon, rare, epic...)
  4. You can sort groups, and Drag&Drop achievements between groups
  5. Translate name and description to other languages

Use our icon pack

  1. We have prepared an icon pack for you, you can use it
  2. Or you can upload your own icons in jpeg or png format
  3. The pack will be replenished
  4. No restrictions or payments for our icons

Overlay interface

  1. Player can view progress
  2. All achievements grouped
  3. Each group have a progress
  4. Each achievement can be translated to any language
  5. Each achievement have unlocked status
  6. Each achievement have rare mark if greater than common


Now, user authorization is our problem.

Login into accounts

Initially, the SDK logs in without the player’s permission so that the player can go on from the moment that he left off. But not all platforms allow such a login type. We will show the player’s login ways, and he will determine which is the most convenient himself.

Login by codes

When logging in for the first time, there may be arose the situation when the player logged in from the browser that does not support local savings/block cookies or another catastrophic situation (for example, Safari), as a result of which all data will be lost after refreshing the tab. We detect such moments and give a secret code to the player. By this code he can continue playing from the moment where he left off (and continue on any browser or device).

Conflict resolution

If the player has played on a mobile phone and saved the progress, then there may be arose the situation when the player has already logged in from the computer, played and decided to log into the account. Then it is important to let the player choose which saving will be recorded to the account. We will give a choice by showing the most important fields for player, by which he can make a choice. The fields list is configured in the panel.

#Social actions

Many platforms provide built-in social actions, such as inviting friends and posting on a page. If functions are not supported, we will implement them using link sharing.

  1. Share with friends
  2. Post
  3. Invite friends

#Quick start

If you have enough points as an indicator for saving/leaderboard, then you do not need to do anything further.

By default, the player’s rating and leaderboard are calculated by points, so it is enough to write down the player’s point and click “save now” or “show records”, and we will do the rest.

All you need to do is start a project and copy code into the game or connect the plugin.


Overlay and work with players’ ratings support the multilingualism. You can change the language in passing. Player fields translation is set on the panel when editing the field.

The library will independently determine the player's language and request the necessary translations. If the language is not supported, default English will be selected.

The list of currently supported languages:

Chinese (Simplified)
Portuguese (Brazil)

#Area for developers

The convenience and development speed are important to us (that’s why this SDK was created).
Here are the main advantages you’ll like:

Light-weighted core (~13kb gzip), enough light-weighted overlay (~25kb gzip), almost invisible adapter for the platform (~3kb gzip).

Lazy functionality. Everything is loaded only on demand: languages, in-game overlay, specific platform tools.

Typescript. The entire SDK is strong typed.

Optional overlay. Anything that you can do in the overlay, also can be done without it. You can request a players list and display it as you think fit, personalized for the game. It’s the same with authorization.

Development tools, for example, banner stubs, so that you can check if everything works, so as not to upload it to the platform again. As well as logs of errors and information to the screen and console.

Events and promises system. You can use both event subscription, and promises and asynchronous functions.

// events'rewarded:close', (success) => {});;

// promises => {});
const success = await;

#Time to start

also you can