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Game backend and unified SDK of popular platforms –
in one service! Key tools for integration, monetization,
development of WEB and mobile games,
with the possibility of free use.

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50,000 requests per month for free

50,000 requests per month for free

With GamePush, you don't need to understand the SDKs of other platforms

  • Our service integrates SDKs for each platform.
  • GamePush connects the required libraries and configures their work.
  • We do not charge for using platform SDKs, only for using our backend.
  • You can test all functions without uploading to the platform.
  • You don't need to update the game to get GamePush updates.

One action across all platforms


Across platforms checks

  • AdBlock enabled?
  • Does the platform support native authorization?
  • Does the platform support native invites?
  • Rewarded video available?
  • And other checks

Add SDK to the game

Get a mix of service and platform features

All Features

SDK Features
Autoconnect libraries
In-game overlay
Connect Analytics
Multiple languages
Working with files
Uploadless testing
Debug tools
Service features
Cloud saves
Progress sync
Player's personal rating
Game analytics
Chats and channels
Games collections
Games hosting
Rewards shedulers
Energy / Lives
Game variables
Unique Values
Cloud images
Cloud storage
Translations by AI
Platform features
Invite friends
Post publications
Join community
Add shortcut
In-App Reviews

Game distribution


Leave the publishing routine to us. We will place your game on the sites ourselves.


  • Share 80% to the developer
  • Free service
  • Free access to analytics
  • Withdrawal of funds from foreign platforms
  • Access to sites requiring legal face
  • We work with physical persons, self-employed, individual entrepreneurs, legal entities

What games are suitable?

  • GamePush must be built into the game
  • We consider all games, but sites have different requirements
  • Check out the game testing checklist
  • Try to make an interesting and exciting game, to do this, use all the capabilities of our service
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You can bring the game during development


We offer several usage plans with big discounts and a free tier.

*DAU (Daily Active Users) - active players per day. Numbers shown are indicative based on the average number of requests per player.
When limits are exceeded, payment is made using the Pay-as-You-Go model (see below).
Prices are indicated at the dollar 73 rub.

Are you consuming over 50M requests per month and interested in lowering the cost?
Leave a request and get a big discount and flexible tariff settings.

Service usage

Pay as you go. The cost is calculated based on the number of calls to the service API for every 1,000 requests.

Requests per monthPrice
Per 1,000 requests
First 50,000Free
Next 950,0000.015 USD
Next 9,000,0000.013 USD
Over 10,000,0000.011 USD
Requests per month: 25,000

Price per month:

Calculate the number of requests per month▼

Games Hosting

Host game with us and get extra fast game load (200+ wordwide servers, gzip and brotli compression). No traffic limits.

0.008 USD

day / per game

~0.24 USD month / per game

Cloud images

You and your players can upload images to the cloud. On-the-fly resizing, a modern format and a global CDN will allow you to fastly get pictures. No traffic and requests limits.

0.39 USD

per month for 10,000 images

The first 1,000 are free

Cloud storage

You and your players can upload files to the cloud. Fast file downloads (CDN, gzip and brotli compression). No traffic and requests limits.

0.1 USD

per month for 1 GB

First 100 MB free

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50,000 requests / month for free

Feedback from our clients

Timur Taepov

23 gameson service
23 gameson service

GamePush has helped much improve our manufacturing process. We are using a plugin for Construct 3. First of all, we were able to optimize the administration of builds for various platforms in terms of integrating advertising SDKs and plugins. Now all platforms on which we are hosted are updated from one file. The plugin also makes it easier to save and sync progress between devices.

Artur Bier

7 gameson service
7 gameson service

A very cool and versatile plugin that simplifies integration with VK and other platforms as much as possible. There is no need to learn the API of each platform, everything is included here, so to speak! Recommend

Alexandr Peshkov

Tufty Fluff
7 gameson service
7 gameson service

For a long time alone, suffering from the fact that each platform has its own API, I spent a lot of time porting the game from site to site. I will transfer my games to GamePush, I have one build of the game for all current platforms. Affordable hosting helps to get into VK without much strain. If you want to only make the game, and not proceed from the adaptation of the game, for each platform - your choice is GamePush.

4 gameson service
4 gameson service

Excellent platform and user-friendly interface, quick customization for different platforms, ready-made leaderboards, achievements, saving, which significantly reduce the development time for different gaming platforms

Vladimir Chudnovsky

Independent developer
1 gameon service
1 gameon service

I used SDK GamePush in my game. I want to note the good documentation and the excellent work of the SDK. Pros: -fast and easy integration; - stable work; - ready-made leaderboards (it remains only to be displayed in the right place); - getting the player's username and avatar. The GamePush SDK simplifies the publication of the game on Yandex.Games and VK resources, makes it possible to monetize my application in 2 clicks, and to save the player's progress, I no longer need to spend time creating my database on the server. I recommend GamePush to all 5 stars.

Sergey Eponeshnikov

6 gameson service
6 gameson service

I conceived GamePush simply as a service for saving players and ratings for my games. The platform was only Yandex.Games. Adding a game to Vkontakte, I had to write a lot of conditions for everything to work on two platforms. And if I want more platforms and games? This is how GamePush was born.

How to start?

1. Connect game to the service
JavaScript SDK
Check out the documentationOpen
Integrate SDK into the game according to the docs
Construct 3
Read the article with an exampleRead
Integrate SDK into the game according to the guide
Read the articleRead
Integrate SDK into the game according to the guide
Read the articleRead
Integrate SDK into the game according to the guide
Read the articleRead
Integrate SDK into the game according to the docs
2. Add all platformsRead
3. Add achievementsRead
4. Upload icon, cover and screenshots
Service will generate pictures for all platforms, according to the requirements.
5. Send out game for moderation

Questions and answers

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50,000 requests / month for free

All features and benefits

See features overview

Control Panel

Game analytics

Turning ads on / off

Control frequency of displaying and refreshing banners

Control limits of displaying banners per hour / day / session

Browse, search, sort the player list

Editing player data, banning, deleting, restoring

Generation of images of the required sizes for platforms

Support for translations into different languages

Management of trusted domains

Translations by AI