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Advanced Game Analytics

Monitor key metrics for your games across all platforms

Player stats

Track game performance, advertising campaign effectiveness, calculate event launch times, and monitor the most engaged or problematic platforms

Player activity

DAU- daily active players
WAU- active players per week
MAU- active players per month
Sticky Factor- regularity of visits
New players


Session time
Time in game per day
Number of sessions per player
Number of sessions per day


Retention- 1, 7 and 30 day
New users- 1, 7 and 30 day
Returning users- 1, 7 and 30 day


Real time
Average online per day
Peak online per day

Advertising stats

Detailed statistics for each banner on each platform

  • Impressions, requests, and failed ad impressions
  • Fill rate - how many requests were valid impressions
  • Estimated income - calculated from approximate or known CPM of platforms

Payments and content analytics


Keep track of purchases and revenue

* We do not know the actual revenue, the platform commission may be personal. We calculate the data from the prices specified by you and the approximate commission of the platforms.


Number of unlocked achievements

Analytics in one place

  • General dashboard with key metrics and charts for the project
  • General dashboard per account for all games
  • Explore the data of every platform

Weekly and monthly reports


  • Get a summary of your projects.
  • We send detailed reports on each project with the dynamics for the current and previous period in the format of Excel spreadsheets.
  • For convenience, the general summary is available immediately in the letter.

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